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Bioprotective Organic Raw Oil Rosehip 30 ml


Raw, cold-pressed organic Rosa Mosqueta oil.

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Bioprotective raw organic Rosehip oil is an extraordinary ally of natural beauty thanks to its strong revitalising power on the skin. Rich in precious polyunsaturated fatty acids and beneficial functional substances, it helps the skin maintain its natural and physiological integrity, visibly reducing imperfections caused by the passage of time, trauma and environmental aggression.
Cold-pressed, certified organic and food grade, Bioprotective Oil has all the properties and vitality of pure raw Rosehip oil. Dermatologically tested, fragrance-free.

- CRUDE OIL: The type of extraction from the seed is very important and determines the quality and effectiveness of the oil. Bioearth uses a mechanical, cold process to obtain an extra virgin or raw oil from first pressing. The naturalness and purity of the oil is reflected in its warm, intense colour.
- CHILEAN SEEDS AND ITALIAN PROCESSING: Bioprotective Rosehip Oil is obtained from seeds originating in Chile. The extraction process takes place in Italy according to the strictest European health regulations. The oil thus obtained is organic and suitable for both food and cosmetic use.
- 100% PURE OIL: Bioprotective Rosehip Oil is 100% pure.
- ECO-BIO CERTIFICATION: The Bioprotective cosmetics line is made with organic ingredients of natural origin and all products are certified by ICEA.

How to use: Apply a few drops of Oil two to three times a day on clean skin, with a gentle massage.

Functional substances: Raw, organic, cold-pressed Rosehip Oil, Vit. E.

Eco-bio certification: number 0044 EN 101

Packaging: 30 ml Miron® violet glass bottle.

Ingredients: Rosa moschata seed oil*, Tocopheryl acetate. *bio/organic