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Brown Seaweed Monocomponent 60 opercula

Monocomponent Capsules Line

A line of standardised, high-titre dry extracts obtained from a single plant and mixed with powder of the same plant in vegetable capsules.
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Stimulation of metabolism. Lipid metabolism.
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Useful as a support to physiological metabolic processes for weight reduction.

Brown Seaweed
isan alga belonging to the Fuchaceae family, whose natural habitat is the Atlantic coast of the North European sea, particularly the coastal area of the English Channel. It absorbs and concentrates in its tissues many minerals including iodine, thus becoming a natural source of this trace element involved in various metabolic processes.
Brown seaweed, due to its iodine content, is used as an activator of thyroid function. Furthermore, due to their content in alginates and mucilage, these algae have the property of reducing appetite and also the intestinal absorption of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Due to their richness in protein and carbon hydrates, algae constitute a daily food for tens of millions of people. They belong to the group of chlorophyllaceous thallophytes, which is related to cryptogams or flowerless plants. There are different varieties, depending on colour: green algae (chlorophyceae), brown algae (phaeophyceae), red algae (rhodophyceae), and blue algae (cyanophyceae).
Useful for: iodine metabolism disorders, organic deficiencies of various kinds, vitamin or trace element deficiencies, rickets, obesity, rheumatic problems, various infections, intestinal parasitosis, certain urinary tract disorders, gastritis, colitis, circulatory disorders.

Ingredients per operculum: Brown seaweed (Fucus vesiculosus) dry thallus ex. (0.05% iodine) 150 mg and powder 70 mg.
Operculum: vegetable gelatine.

How to use: It is recommended to take 1 operculum 2 times a day between meals.