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Hydra Goji Oil Hands Nails 30 ml


Hydra-oil rich in specific active ingredients for the care of dry, weak and brittle nails, its formula combines an aqueous and an oily phase.

Full description

The Hydra-Oil Goji Hand and Nail Oil is an innovative cosmetic, as in its 2phase formula it skilfully combines an aqueous and an oily phase, resulting in a cosmetic that is rich in active ingredients and high in performance.

In fact, compared with classic cosmetic oils, Bioearth's HydraOils are characterised by

  • a greater wealth of active ingredients: lipo + hydrosoluble ingredients
  • a more pleasant texture
  • a greater moisturising capacity

The Hydra-Oil goji hand and nail oil has been conceived and formulated to remedy dry, weak and brittle nails. Its use moisturises and renews the skin, strengthening and protecting the nails.

The active ingredients in its formula are:

Oily phase:

  • castor oil
  • organic sunflower oil
  • organic sesame oil
  • organic walnut husk oil
  • organic carrot lipolic extract
  • organic goji lipolic extract
  • vitamin E

Watery phase:

  • active coconut water: refreshing and keratinising for nails
  • organic chlorella algae glyceric e.: antifungal and anti-aging
  • organic arnica glyceric e.: antioxidant and photoprotective, slows skin ageing
  • organic horsetail glyceric e.: gives tone and elasticity to the skin and strengthens brittle nails
  • organic neem oil: rich in antifungal agents and moisturising