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Hydra Pomegranate Breast Oil 30 ml


A hydra-oil formulated to tone and give elasticity to the breasts and attenuate stretch marks, its formula combines an aqueous and an oily phase.

Full description

Pomegranate Hydra-Oil for the breast is an innovative cosmetic, as its 2phase formula skilfully combines an aqueous phase and an oily phase, resulting in a cosmetic rich in active ingredients and with enhanced performance. Its light and rapidly absorbed texture and its wealth of active ingredients (extracts of Pomegranate, Sweet Clover, Sweet Orange and Rosehip) give nourishment and well-being to the epidermis of an extremely delicate area such as the breast.

In fact, compared with classic cosmetic oils, Bioearth's HydraOils are characterised by

  • a greater wealth of active ingredients: lipo + water-soluble ingredients
  • a more pleasant texture
  • a greater moisturising capacity

The Hydra-Oil with Pomegranate has been conceived and formulated to tone and elasticise the breasts and attenuate stretch marks.

It contains no oestrogenic ingredients.

The active ingredients in its formula are:

Oily phase:

  • organic almond oil
  • organic sunflower oil
  • organic rose hip oil
  • organic chamomile lipolic extract
  • organic calendula lipolic extract
  • vitamin E

Aqueous phase:

  • active water organic pomegranate: improves the appearance of skin tissue, elasticises and relaxes the skin
  • organic sweet orange blossom glyceric e.: invigorating
  • melilot glyceric e.: anti-inflammatory and anti-oedemigenous
  • grape seed oil: prevents the appearance of spots, improves circulation and prevents stretch marks
  • organic avocado oil: promotes skin renewal and increases skin elasticity, firming and healing.