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Linfa Age Nourishing Shampoo Dry Hair 250 ml

Designed to restructure and revitalise dry and parched hair, it contains a rich fraction of natural lipids such as olive waxes, wheat germ oil, vegetable ceramides in synergy with honey biocomponents.
ACTIVE PRINCIPLES: olive waxes, wheat germ oil, plant ceramides, honey biocomponents
FEATURES: restructures and revitalises dry and parched hair
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Ideal for thin and brittle dry hair, weakened by bleaching, blow-drying, long exposure to the sun, with split ends, dull and prone to breakage.
It nourishes, restructures, revitalises parched hair, conditions by creating a "protective sheath" that defends the hair shaft from external aggression and makes the hair soft to the touch.
It contains a rich fraction of lipids and Natural Oils such as Olive Waxes, Wheat Germ Oil and Vegetable Ceramides combined with Carrot Phytoextract with antioxidant action. The dosage of Oils neither weighs down the hair nor reduces the delicate foaming power of the preparation.