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Pure Nature Purifying Localised Concentrate 15 ml

LOCALISED CONCENTRATED PURIFYER Anti-blemishes acne, blackheads, enlarged pores
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Formulated by Natura House Laboratories as a localised attack treatment to combat imperfections (shine, acne, blackheads, enlarged pores) with a highly concentrated zinc/capryoloyl/methyl-glycine/cinnamon extract complex. It performs a rapid normalising, astringent and soothing action, which effectively absorbs and purifies, progressively reducing blemishes.

When the skin is characterised by shine, greasiness, enlarged pores, acne and blackheads, we speak of oily skin; it is the excessive secretion of the sebaceous glands (seborrhoea) that causes the shiny appearance and blemishes of oily skin, a typical feature of young-adolescent skin. Often, also due to hormonal factors, oily skin problems continue to manifest themselves in adulthood, in a more circumscribed and occasional manner, one then speaks of mixed or mixed skin with an acne tendency.
Not everyone knows that oily skin is also sensitive, fragile and easily irritated, especially when it is wrongly treated with overly aggressive and non-specific products. Products for the care of oily skin consist of astringent, emollient, sebum-balancing, hygienic and purifying formulations, which, from cleansing to treatment, delicately and specialisedly take care of this difficult and delicate type of skin. PURA NATURA PURIFYING cosmetics, a line created to respond effectively and safely to the needs of combination and impure skin, respecting its fragile balance by exerting a rapid normalising action to restore a healthy, vital appearance to the skin. PURA NATURA treatments exploit the effective synergy of active phytocomponents, specifically selected to combat the causes and symptoms of blemishes of oily skin, such as Zinc, Cinnamon extract and Bamboo extract in an extremely delicate and dermoaffinic base:
- Zinc: purifying, regularises sebum production.
- Ceylon Cinnamon extract: astringent and mattifying.
- Bamboo extract: moisturising, balancing, soothing and purifying.