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Pure Organic Argan Oil 15 ml

Oil with a very high vitamin concentration of natural origin (vitamins A, E, F). Vitamin E is the anti-radical par excellence; Vitamin F is crucial for epidermal hydration and for maintaining microcirculation.

How to use:
Apply a suitable amount of Pure Argan Oil to the area you want to moisturise and massage in until completely absorbed.
You can also use it in the water of your bathtub (be careful not to slip!) or you can mix other cosmetic products you usually use with the oil to increase its delivery and enhance its effects.
Full description

In some valleys of North Africa, escaping the laws of the desert, a very rare plant grows from whose fruit a precious oil is obtained: ARGAN oil. For centuries it has protected the skins of Arab women from the aggression of the sun and the deserts. It has always been used in traditional medicine for its extraordinary properties. It takes more than a day of hand processing by women alone and 100 kilos of fruit to obtain a single litre of oil. This makes it one of the rarest oils in the world.

Argania Spinosa (Kernel oil).

- Instant, intense and deep moisturisation;
- Rebalances the correct hydro-lipidic patrimony of the cell membranes;
- Protects sensitive areas and restores elasticity and tone;
- Soothing for sensitive skin;
- Promotes peripheral microcirculation (cellulite blemishes);
- Immediately and completely absorbed, therefore not greasy;
- Perfect carrier for any type of product;
- Exceptional anti-radical and anti-oxidant action;
- Accelerates cell rejuvenation;
- Gives the skin a velvety appearance;
- Multi-vitamin action (vit. A, vit. E, vit. F);
- Perfect carrier for non-paraffinic cosmetics.

- Apply a suitable amount to the area to be treated and massage in until completely absorbed;
- Add the correct amount of oil to the bath;
- Mix other products with the oil to increase its conveyance.

Argania spinosa (kernel oil).

Contains no petrolatum, chemical preservatives or mineral oils. COMPLETELY NATURAL, PURE PRODUCT WITH ECOCERT sa CERTIFICATION N° F-32600 E.A.C.E.N. N° 3183.

- ARGAN OIL possesses a special balance of ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS in its formula so similar to the natural composition of our skin, which gives it a very high penetration coefficient in cell membranes, it is therefore absorbed rapidly and in all its phases, it does NOT HURT and complements the lipid deficiencies of the skin.
- LIPID HYDRATION is essential because every cell in our body, including the skin, has its membrane made up of around 70 % phospholipids (fatty acid compounds), while water is only found internally. The structural similarity between Argan and our skin allows the oil to be exceptionally assimilable.
- It is therefore an EXCELLENT VEHICLE and when mixed with face or body creams (not of paraffinic origin) it accentuates the penetration of functional substances.
- HIGH VITAMIN CONCENTRATION of natural origin (vitamins A, E, F). Vitamin E, the anti-radical par excellence, is present in the order of 700 mg/kg (about three times as much as ordinary olive oil), and can be found in its noblest and most active form: alpha-tocopherol. Vitamin F, a substance with a crucial function for epidermal hydration and maintaining microcirculation.
- NATURAL: Argan oil is supplied PURE.
- Argan oil REGENERATES, RELAXES, TONIFIES the skin of the face and body.