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Armonie Toscane Body Butter 150 ml


Sensual, melting body cream.

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Vitamin A, Sweet Almond Oil, Pomegranate Juice, Oat Extract, Cocoa Butter and Cupuacu Butter: a skilful synergy of components that make the skin soft and youthful. The protagonist of this blend of active ingredients is Shea Butter, an extraordinary gift of nature, so rich in cosmetic properties as to make this product a precious gift for the skin of our bodies. The extraordinary texture of Shea Butter guarantees a velvety effect immediately perceptible to the touch and a lasting radiance that becomes permanent with daily use of the product.
Not a simple moisturising after-bath, but a true anti-ageing cosmetic for the skin of the whole body.
After cleansing the body, apply a veil of butter starting from the feet up to the neck, massage carefully into the abdomen, neck and décolleté to take full advantage of the anti-ageing and toning action of its components, and insist on the elbows and knees to emphasise the elimination of dead cells and encourage cell renewal.